Class: MarketDepth

CIQ.Renderer. MarketDepth

new MarketDepth(config)

Creates a market depth renderer.

See CIQ.Renderer#construct for parameters required by all renderers

This renderer has three unique config options: step, mountain, and volume, all of which are independent of each other. step - will draw the connections between the data points as steps rather than straight lines mountain - will shade in the area under the plots volume - will draw a histogram at each data point for which there is volume

Requires cryptoIQ plugin. See CIQ.ChartEngine#updateCurrentMarketData for data requirements

See CIQ.ChartEngine#drawMarketDepth for color parameters and usage examples.

A sample jsfiddle illustrating how to render a stand alone Market Depth chart can be found here

Name Type Description
config object

Configuration parameters

  • ChartIQ CryptoIQ Package
  • 6.1.0