Namespace: cq-chart-title

WebComponents. cq-chart-title

Chart Title web component <cq-chart-title>.

Note, if the cq-marker is added to the element, and it is placed within the chartArea, the element will sit above the chart bars.

<cq-symbol></cq-symbol> will display the raw symbol for the chart (chart.symbol).
<cq-symbol-description></cq-symbol-description> will display the chart.symbolDisplay. See CIQ.ChartEngine.Chart#symbolDisplay for more details.

Set attribute "cq-browser-tab" to true in order to get the stock symbol and latest price to update in the browser tab.

Set member previousClose to the prior day's closing price in order to calculate and display change. If previousClose is not set, then iqPrevClose from the dataSet will be the default

  • 4.0.0 Browser tab now updates with stock symbol and latest price using cq-browser-tab attribute


			<div class="ico"></div> <cq-todays-change></cq-todays-change> (<cq-todays-change-pct></cq-todays-change-pct>)


previousClose :Float

Keep this value up to date in order to calculate change from yesterday's close

  • Float



Begins the Title helper. This observes the chart and updates the title elements as necessary.


Updates the values in the node