Getting the SDK

If you'd like to try out the SDK, send us an email at We'll start by understanding how we can help with your requirements, and then we'll send you the full library to install and use.

The SDK is delivered to you as a zip package. Everything you need is included in the zip file. Evaluation versions can be used anywhere but for a limited time. Once you have licensed the SDK, we will provide a package that is locked to the domains where your app will be hosted.

Note: production versions can always be used on for development and debugging.

Installing the Library

Unzip all the files and install into your web server. (We recommend also making a copy of your library for safe-keeping and reference.)

In the root directory, open sample-template-advanced.html in a browser. A sample chart should immediately appear.

If a chart does not appear then a problem exists with one of the library components. (If you've received a production license, make sure it is running on the domain you provided to ChartIQ or on Open a browser debugger window (F12 on Internet Explorer, Firebug, Chrome or Safari development tools) and check the console for any errors. Email us at for support.

Note: If you see the error Fail to load resource message in the developer console this means that a plugin is unavailable. This is normal and can be ignored. Plugins are loaded out of the "plugins" directory. You can simply remove the plugin loader from the sample code if you do not plan on using the plugin.

Licensing Notes on Time, Domain and Operating System Locks

Production licenses:

  • Web Licenses will be locked to the domains or IP addresses that were requested at the time of purchase. This means that the library will not function unless it is hosted by a web server on that domain/IP (if hosting in an iframe, the iframe domain must also match).

    All copies of the library are unlocked for and http://localhost so that you can develop on your personal machine.

  • Mobile App Licenses will be locked to the OS that was requested at the time of purchase. Please let us know if you intend to run the library within a native application (iOS, Android, Java JRE, .NET) and we will provide a compatible library.

  • Production licenses expire after one year. We will send an email notice prior to expiration. If your license is still valid, we will send you a replacement file that is good for another year (it is not necessary to upgrade, the code will be exactly the same).

Trial licenses:

  • Trial licenses are not domain or OS locked. As such they can run on any mobile device or by double clicking the sample pages from your desktop until the expiration date.

You can check all license entitlements by opening the js/chartiq.js file and reviewing the first few lines.

Sample header:

    Generation date: yyyy-dd-mmThh:mm:ss.mmmZ
    Expiration date: yyy-mm-dd
    Domain lock:;localhost;*;*
    License type: annual
    Full Bundle

Next Steps: