Namespace: cq-menu-dropdown

WebComponents. cq-menu-dropdown

Menu DropDown web component <cq-menu-dropdown>.

Menu DropDown handles holding the items that go inside a custom menu component.

Menu DropDown is a semantic element to be used in menus that has the same functionality as WebComponents.cq-scroll The main difference is that Menu DropDown sets noMaximize to true which means that the component will not automatically resize.

  • 7.0.0 no longer dual inherits CIQ.UI.BaseComponent and CIQ.UI.Scroll. Now directly inherits Scroll which extends BaseComponent.


<cq-menu class="ciq-menu ciq-studies collapse">
		 <cq-menu-dropdown cq-no-scroll>
			 <cq-study-legend cq-no-close>
					 <cq-heading>Current Studies</cq-heading>
								 <cq-label class="click-to-edit"></cq-label>
								 <div class="ciq-icon ciq-close"></div>
						 <div stxtap="Layout.clearStudies()" class="ciq-btn sm">Clear All</div>