Namespace: cq-menu-item-filter

WebComponents. cq-menu-item-filter

Menu web component <cq-heading>.

Attribute cq-filter adds input for filtering cq-items in cq-heading sibling container based on entered input. Filter is matching input pattern anywhere in cq-item text.

Attribute value passed in cq-filter is used for input placeholder. Default placeholder is set to "Search"

Attribute cq-filter-min can be used to override the default minimum number of records for filter to show. The default is 15.


<!-- default "Search" input placeholder -->
<cq-heading cq-filter>Studies</cq-heading>

<!-- "Filter" placeholder -->
<cq-heading cq-filter="Filter">Studies</cq-heading>

<!-- No visible placeholder, minimum length for filter set to 20 -->
<cq-heading cq-filter=" " cq-filter-min=20>Studies</cq-heading>