Finsemble: An OpenFin Application Framework

Finsemble: Delivering Multi-Window HTML5 Applications To the Desktop

Finsemble is an OpenFin application framework providing infrastructure, services, and components for quickly building HTML5 multi-window desktop applications. These multi-window applications require a new programming paradigm, given each HTML5 window runs in its own distinct virtual context. Spawning new windows for HTML5 is easy, but it is difficult to maintain and coordinate connectivity between them. To address this, Finsemble has implemented an event-based microservice architecture, borrowing algorithms from other disciplines, such as distributed systems and peer-to-peer networking.

Finsemble is built from real-world experience. ChartIQ uses Finsemble to build its own applications. We also use many of the most common HTML5 tools, such as Angular, React, and jQuery, but these are all designed inherently to run on a single window. Finsemble addresses the multi-window problems in a way that your favorite tools and frameworks can still be utilized.

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