Finsemble: An OpenFin Application Framework

Introduction to Finsemble

Finsemble is a desktop application framework that allows capital market developers to quickly build multi-window, multi-monitor desktop applications from HTML, .Net, and Java components. Use your own market data or a range of third-party providers with no vendor lock-in or proprietary app stores. Finsemble creates your desktop experience for your users.

Finsemble's primary goal is supplying an API for multi-window coordination and collaboration. This allows applications to be "assembled" from loosely coupled components, gaining the benefits of flexibility, scalability, and rapid development. This is achieved by use of a "microservices" based runtime which runs behind the scenes on the desktop.

The use of microservices reflects Finsemble's secondary goal: desktop extensibility and framework agnosticism as the HTML5 and JavaScript ecosystem continues to evolve. In other words, you can use React, Angular, JQuery, or any other tools to build your app!

About Finsemble

A good place to orient yourself to all the reasons we built Finsemble is the Motivations for Finsemble. This is the best place to start if you're new to Finsemble.

If you're a developer who wants to get their hands on the code, check out the seed project at Getting Started.

If you're a developer who wants a better insight into our architecture, take a glance at our tutorials—check out the Architectural Overview as a starting point.

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