Class: ConfigClient

Config Client

This client provides run-time access to Finsemble's configuration. See Understanding Finsemble's Configuration for a configuration overview.


(configReference, callback)

clients/configClient.js, line 55

Get all or a portion of the configuration from the Config Service. Typically this function is used to return Finsemble configuration (e.g. "finesemble.components"); however, if can also return all or part of the Openfin manifest which contains the finsemble config property. If no configReference parameter is passed in (i.e. only the callback parameter is specified), then the complete manifest object is returned (including manifest.finsemble).

Name Type Description
configReference string optional

indentifying specific config to return

callback function

callback function(error, data) to get the configuration data

FSBL.Clients.ConfigClient.get("finsemble",function(err, finsemble) {
		if (!err) {
			finsembleConfig = finsemble;
		} else {
			console.error("failed to get finsemble configuration");

FSBL.Clients.ConfigClient.get("finsemble.isAuthEnabled", function(err, isAuthEnabled) {
		var authorizationOn = isAuthEnabled;

FSBL.Clients.ConfigClient.get(callback); // returns the complete manifest containing the finsemble property
FSBL.Clients.ConfigClient.get(null, callback); // alternate form; returns the complete manifest containing the finsemble property
FSBL.Clients.ConfigClient.get("runtime.version",callback); // returns the manifest's runtime.version property