Reference: API List

For your reference, here is the master list of our API documentation.

  • Authentication Client provides hooks for plugging in a custom sign-on component, hooks for running authentication processes dynamically, and automatic login capabilities for Finsemble components.
  • Base Service creates an instance of the Base Service which all services must inherit.
  • Config Client provides run-time access to Finsemble's configuration.
  • Dialog Manager Client simplifies interacting with dialog windows by spawning them and getting data back from them.
  • Distributed Store Client handles creating/retrieving/destroying stores.
  • Drag and Drop Client shares data between components via a user action, i.e., drag and drop.
  • Hotkey Client registers hot key combinations and their respective handler functions with Finsemble.
  • Launcher Client client handles spawning windows and maintains the list of spawnable components.
  • Linker Client provides a mechanism for synchronizing components on a piece of data.
  • Logger Client supports configurable run-time logging via the Central Logger.
  • Notification Client allows you to generate user notifications from any component.
  • Router Client handles sending and receiving events between Finsemble components and services.
  • Search Client provides federated search results, searching through installed search provider and displaying unified results.
  • Storage Client handles saving and retrieving data for your application.
  • Window Client is responsible for managing the window state (the window's bounds) and component state (data inside your component).
  • Workspace Client manages all calls to load, save, rename, and delete workspaces.