Finsemble: Assimilation


Beta Feature

Assimilation is the process of bringing outside applications into the Finsemble workspace. These can be applications installed on your local machine or bundled with your Finsemble installer. If docking is enabled, these applications will be able to dock/snap to other Finsemble components. To turn on assimiliation, look in configs/application/config.json for betaFeatures.assimilation.enabled. Only applications spawned by Finsemble will have their state saved.

Bundling Applications with Finsemble

To bundle an application with Finsemble, you'll need to add an item to "appAssets": [] in the OpenFin manifest located at:configs/openfin manifest-local.json To allow these applications to be spawnable, you'll need to add them to your components.json. You'll also need to make sure your window object has two extra configs: native:true and "alias":"your alias". Additional OpenFin documentation on AppAssets is available here.

appAsset config:

    'alias': 'dirApp',
    'version': '1.23.24',
    'target': 'dir.bat',

Bringing in Pre-Installed Applications

If you'd like to bring in other applications but don't want to bundle them with Finsemble, we allow that as well. By default, the onlySpawned flag is set to true. If this is set to false, Finsemble will start including outside applications. To control which applications work with Finsemble, use the whitelist and blacklist defined below.


"assimilation": {
    "enabled": true,
    "blacklist": [],
    "whitelist": [],
    "onlySpawned": true
  • enabled (boolean) - Turns assimilation on/off.
  • whitelist (array) - A list off application titles that can be included in the Finsemble environment. If you use a partial title, any window with that partial in the title will be brought in. If this array is empty and onlySpawned is false, all windows that are not in the blacklist will be used. Also, if there is single item in this array, every window must match to be included in Finsemble.
  • blacklist (array) - A list of application titles that will be excluded from the Finsemble environment. If you use a partial title, any window with that partial in the title will be brought in.
  • onlySpawned (boolean) - Only components that are spawned from Finsemble will be included in Finsemble as long as they are not in the blacklist.

Known Issues/Coming Soon

* Spawed applications don't save location
* Whitelist and Blacklist to use title and/or executable to filter
* Use regex for whitelist and blacklist
* Allow a path for spawning appAssets