AutoChartist Onboarding

Starting on version 2015-11-01, the library includes an AutoChartist plug-in that frames in the AutoChartist window and draws AutoChartist signals on the chart canvas as you click on each instrument on the panel.

The plug has been integrated into stx-advanced.html legacy template. Once the library package is installed, the panel will be automatically available on the stx-advanced.html template by clicking on the button located on the upper right hand corner of the page.

The source code for this plug in will be located in the plugins/autochartist directory. Feel free to review and adjust as needed.


Of course, you need to on-board the library by linking it to your quote feed. By default, the library comes connected to a demo feed, which will not produce correct results on the AutoChartist plug in since it is random data.

See the Getting Started for further details.