Documentation for versions prior to m-2016-12-01 can be found here


These tutorials are organized by section. You don't need to read them all. Simply pick the ones that are relevant to your use case.

Getting Started

If you are new to the library, start here.


Refer back to this as you read through the documentation.

Chart Interface

This section pertains to the chart proper, not the surrounding UI we offer.

Web Components Interface

Overview of the optional UI we provide with the library.

Chart Internals

A programmatic overview of how the chart works and how to use it.

Data Integration

All about data: formatting, organizing, and integrating.


How to customize various aspects of the chart.

Framework Integration and Module Bundling

Information for using ChartIQ with React, Angular, Vue, etc.

Mobile and Desktop Integration

Overview of how to use the chart with mobile and Electron.


Time Span Events


Troubleshooting and Performance


JSFiddle Examples

We use JSFiddle to provide a custom run-time environment for experimenting with the ChartIQ library. Pragmatic examples are given for first-hand testing and tweaking, as well as cutting and pasting into your own solution.

Our complete library of Fiddles (Including Multiple Versions)

Here are some popular examples: