Option Max Pain Widget

The Option Max Pain widget displays a chart of option maximum pain for specific expiry dates and a second chart showing the max pain price over time.

Option Pain Widget ScreenShot


symbol (String): Use this setting to specify the symbol of the chart. Alternatively, See Symbol Passing Considerations for more information.

dependsOn: (String): Specifies linkages and dependencies to other widgets. See Interaction Between Widgets for more information on this setting.

Using the OptionPain Widget

Use "optionpain" as the value of the widget parameter in the URL. Here is the HTML:

<script src="//widgetcdn.chartiq.com/js/iframeResizer.min.js"></script> <!-- Only Include Once on a page -->
<iframe src="//YOUR_UNIQUE_URL/widget.html?widget=optionpain" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" style="width:100%"></iframe>
<script>iFrameResize({heightCalculationMethod: 'taggedElement'});</script> <!-- Only Include Once on a page -->

Using the Option Pain in a Custom Portal

itemType: OptionPain

See Building A Custom Portal and Portal Layout for more information.

Here is a sample Entry in the "items" property

"items": {
    "myoptions" : {
        "itemType": "OptionPain",
        "symbol" : "AAPL"

Styling the Option Pain Widget

The insiders widget usees jQuery datatables. You can override the global styles for tables by prefixing option pain specfic styles with .ciq-OptionPain

Options Data

A separate options data license is required to use this widget