Native iOS SDK for the ChartIQ JavaScript library.

The ChartIQ iOS SDK supports a basic charting application. The SDK can be extended to support more elaborate implementations by adding code to invoke ChartIQ library functions directly or by creating a bridge file similar to nativeSdkBridge.js (in the mobile/js folder of your ChartIQ library).

Contact us at to request sample code and guidance on how to extend the SDK.



Version 8.1.0 or later of the ChartIQ library

Go to our download site to obtain a free 30-day trial version of the library, or send us an email at, and we’ll send you an evaluation version.

  • iOS 10.3 or later

Sample app

The Demo folder of this repository contains a sample app that was built using the SDK. Customize the app to quickly create your own iOS charting application.

The app is also available on the Apple Store.

App screen shots

Candle chart Mountain chart with drawings Symbol lookup

End of legacy app support

The iOS app has been totally reengineered for improved usability and functionality. As a result, there is no upgrade path from the legacy app (which is compatible with ChartIQ versions 7.0.5–7.5.0) to the new app/SDK. To take advantage of the major improvements offered by the new mobile app, upgrade to Version 8.2.0 or later of the library and reimplement any custom functionality from your legacy app in the new app.

Getting started

See the Getting Started on Mobile: iOS tutorial for instructions on installing the app and using the SDK.

API documentation

Questions and support

Contact our development support team at

Contributing to this project

Contribute to this project. Fork it and send us a pull request. We’d love to see what you can do with our charting tools on iOS!