Release Notes

See the Upgrade Notes for information on upgrading to the latest version.


  • 9/30/21 — Version 8.4.0 is now available! Get your copy by sending an email to your account manager at

  • 8/5/20 — Transpiled files for ES5 (ECMAScript/ECMAScript 2009) support have been removed from the library. Note: The pre‑Chromium version of Microsoft Edge is still supported.

  • 3/16/20 — New functionality may be written using ES6+ syntax, which requires modern browsers to run the library. Transpiled files for ES5 (ECMAScript/ECMAScript 2009) support will continue to be provided as a courtesy, but compatibility cannot be guaranteed.

  • 1/23/20 — ChartIQ no longer supports Internet Explorer 11. IE 11 is not being tested against any of the sample templates.

  • 10/29/19 — Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported on plug-ins or multi-chart templates due to advanced functionality not available in the browser.

  • 7/1/18 — Internet Explorer verions 8 through 10 are no longer supported by ChartIQ or Microsoft. See Support for older versions of Internet Explorer ended.