Namespace: QuoteFeed

CIQ. QuoteFeed

See tutorial Data Integration : Quotefeeds for a complete overview and step by step source code for implementing a quotefeed

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announceError(params, dataCallback)

Whenever an error occurs the params and dataCallback from fetch will be automatically passed to this method by the quote engine. Use this to alert the user if desired. Override this with your own alerting mechanisms.

Name Type Description
params object

The params originally passed into fetch()

dataCallback object

The data returned to fetch

CIQ.MyQuoteFeed.prototype.announceError=function(params, dataCallback){
			// Perhaps some sort of "disconnected" message on screen
		}else if(params.endDate){
			// Perhaps something indicating the end of the chart
			CIQ.alert("Error fetching quote:" + dataCallback.error);	// Probably a not found error?