Class: TimeSpanEvent

CIQ.UI. TimeSpanEvent

new TimeSpanEvent(context, params)

UI helper for managing the time span event options for showing markers on the chart.

Name Type Description
context CIQ.UI.Context

The context.

params Object

Initialization parameters.

Name Type Argument Default Description
menuItemSelector string

The selector used to identify menu items for selecting markers.

activeClassName string <optional>

The class name to be added to a node when a layout item is enabled.

loadSample boolean <optional>

A boolean that will determine whether to use the sample time span events.

  • 7.2.0


showMarkers(node, type)

Function that will show or hide the time span event markers.

Name Type Description
node HTMLElement

the html element clicked

type string

the type of time span event to show or hide

  • 7.2.0