Class: Simple

CIQ.Marker. Simple

new Simple(params)

Creates simple HTML nodes that can be used with a CIQ.Marker

See Markers tutorials for additional implementation instructions.

Name Type Description
params Object

Parameters to describe the marker

Name Type Argument Description
type string

The marker type to be drawn.
Available options are:

  • "circle"
  • "square"
  • "callout"
headline string

The headline text to pop-up when clicked.

category string <optional>

The category class to add to your marker.
Available options are:

  • "news"
  • "earningsUp"
  • "earningsDown"
  • "dividend"
  • "filing"
  • "split"
story string <optional>

The story to pop-up when clicked.

var datum = {
	type: "circle",
	headline: "This is a Marker for a Split",
	category: "split",
	story: "This is the story of a split",

var mparams = {
	stx: stxx,
	label: "Sample Events",
	xPositioner: "date",
	x: aDate,
	node: new CIQ.Marker.Simple(datum),

var marker = new CIQ.Marker(mparams);