Class: segment

CIQ.Drawing. segment

new segment()

segment is an implementation of a CIQ.Drawing.BaseTwoPoint drawing.


reconstruct(stx [, obj])

Reconstruct a segment

Name Type Argument Description
stx CIQ.ChartEngine

The chart object

obj object <optional>

A drawing descriptor

Name Type Argument Description
col string <optional>

The line color

pnl string <optional>

The panel name

ptrn string <optional>

Optional pattern for line "solid","dotted","dashed". Defaults to solid.

lw number <optional>

Optional line width. Defaults to 1.

v0 number <optional>

Value (price) for the first point

v1 number <optional>

Value (price) for the second point

d0 number <optional>

Date (string form) for the first point

d1 number <optional>

Date (string form) for the second point

tzo0 number <optional>

Offset of UTC from d0 in minutes

tzo1 number <optional>

Offset of UTC from d1 in minutes