Data Integration: Advanced

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Subscription Events

A "quotefeed" can dramatically simplify development efforts by shielding developers from managing chart state. There are times however, when a developer needs to be kept informed about state changes. For instance, an application may want to know which symbols are enabled on the chart in order to keep a trading page up to date. Another example would be combining a quotefeed with an asynchronous streaming service (see "Combining Data Methods" below). They need a mechanism to tell the service to start or stop delivering data for certain symbols.

Implementing "subscriptions" in a quotefeed is how you can keep your code synchronized with the symbols that are enabled in the chart.

In order to receive subscribe or unsubscribe events, it is necessary only to add these methods to your quotefeed object:

Code Example: A quotefeed that can handle subscriptions:

        subscribe: function(obj){...your code...}, // new code
        unsubscribe: function(obj){...your code...}, // new code
    fetchInitialData: function(...){...your code...},
    fetchUpdateData: function(...){...your code...},
    fetchPaginationData: function(...){...your code...}

The signature for subscribe() and unsubscribe() are the same. The both provide an object of the following format:

    symbol: "IBM",
    symbolObject: {symbol:"IBM"},
    period: 1,
    interval: 5
    timeUnit: "minute"

Your code may receive several subscribe/unsubscribe events in a row. For instance, when if a new chart is loaded along with comparison symbols, several subscribe events will be triggered.

Combining Data Methods

It is possible to combine the various data methods to suit the specific needs of your data service. The two most common combinations are:

  • Static initialization + quotefeed for updates - Your application initializes a chart with a static array of data but then relies on a quotefeed to periodically poll for updates.
  • quotefeed + streaming updates from an asynchronous feed - Your application lets the chart manage state but uses a subscription to stream asynchronous data into the chart [through a WebSocket].
Static Initialization + quotefeed for updates

In this example, we attach a quotefeed but only provide the fetchUpdateData() method. Since the other methods are not available, the chart will not automatically attempt to fetch historical data as it would normally do with a quotefeed.

Instead, we pass the historical data directly to the chart. As soon as the chart is created, the quotefeed will begin fetching refreshes (once per second in this example).

Code Example:

     "fetchUpdateData": function(){...your code...}
}, {"refreshInterval": 1});

stxx.newChart("ibm",[...your data...]);
quotefeed + asynchronous streaming

The following example is a hypothetical implementation of a quotefeed for loading historical data which then manages subscriptions to a streaming service that implements a "" style interface. Notice how symbol, period and interval are combined to form a unique "key". (Through, and other chat oriented libraries, this key would be implemented as a "room").

Once subscribed, last sale data should start arriving. We have an event handler set up to receive that data and provide it to the chart as asynchronous updates.

This interface would gracefully manage symbol changes, comparisons, and periodicity changes.

Code Example:

myStreamingService.on("quote", function(data){
    stxx.updateChartData({"Last":102.05, "DT":data.epoch}, null, {fillGaps: true, secondarySeries: data.symbol});

myStreamingService.subscribe=function(symbol, period, interval){
    socket.join(symbol+period+interval); // join a room "ibm1day"

myStreamingService.unsubscribe=function(symbol, period, interval){
    socket.leave(symbol+period+interval); // lead the room "ibm1day"

     "fetchInitialData": function(){...your code...},
     "fetchPaginationData": function(){...your code...},
     "subscribe": function(obj){
         myStreamingService.subscribe(obj.symbol, obj.period, obj.interval)
     "unsubscribe": function(obj){
         myStreamingService.subscribe(obj.symbol, obj.period, obj.interval)


Working Example: QuoteFeed + streaming

  • Click on the 'JavaScript' tab to see the code.

Working Example: Static loading + streaming + animation

  • Click on the 'JavaScript' tab to see the code.

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