Class: HeadsUp

CIQ.UI. HeadsUp

new HeadsUp(node, context [, params])

UI Helper that keeps the heads up display operating.

Designed to be used as a helper method for the included WebComponents. A full tutorial on how to work with and customize the web components can be found here: Web Component Interface

There are three modes:

  • params.followMouse=true - The heads up display will follow the mouse
  • params.staticNode=true - The heads up will simply update a DOM node managed by you
  • default - The heads up will be a marker within the chart, positioned in the chart panel unless overidden
Name Type Argument Description
node HTMLElement

The node which should be the template for the heads up.

context CIQ.UI.Context

The context

params object <optional>

Optional parameters

Name Type Argument Default Description
autoStart boolean <optional>

If true then start the heads up on construction

followMouse boolean <optional>

If true then the heads up will follow the mouse. In this case, the node should be a template that will be removed from the document and then added dynamically into the chart container.

staticNode boolean <optional>

If true then the node will not be added as a marker

showClass string <optional>

The class that will be added to display the heads up