API Reference

Namespace: cq-instant-chart

WebComponents. cq-instant-chart

Container web component <cq-instant-chart>. Used to contain charts in multi-chart environments.

The <cq-instant-chart> element has the following custom attributes:

  • tmpl-src — Specifies a template source file that contains the chart user interface elements.
  • symbol — Provides the primary chart symbol.
  • env-container — Identifies an HTML DOM node (for example "body") that is used to contain transient user interface elements such as dialog boxes and color pickers.
  • cq-event-flag — Indicates that an instant chart container has dispatched an event. Enables the container element to be identified so that an event handler can be called for the element. See the sample-template-multi-charts.html template for an example.

Dispatches a signal-chart-ready event. Event listeners typically run a handler that configures the chart. See the sample-template-multi-charts.html template for an example.


<div class="column left"><cq-instant-chart tmpl-src="examples/templates/partials/sample-template-advanced-context.html"  id="chart0" symbol="AAPL"></cq-instant-chart></div>
<div class="column right"><cq-instant-chart tmpl-src="examples/templates/partials/sample-template-advanced-context.html" id="chart1" symbol="MSFT"></cq-instant-chart></div>