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Class: SimpleHistogram

CIQ.Renderer. SimpleHistogram

new SimpleHistogram(config)

Creates a SimpleHistogram renderer, a derivation of the Candles renderer.

Note: by default the renderer will display histogram as underlays. As such, they will appear below any other studies or drawings.

The SimpleHistogram renderer is used to create a histogram with the top of each bar representing the value of the field. It is a much simpler form of histogram than that produced by the Histogram renderer (advanced package).

See CIQ.Renderer#construct for parameters required by all renderers

Name Type Description
config object

Config for renderer

Name Type Argument Description
params object <optional>

Parameters to control the renderer itself

Name Type Argument Default Description
useChartLegend boolean <optional>

Set to true to use the built in canvas legend renderer. See CIQ.ChartEngine.Chart#legendRenderer;

style string <optional>

Style name to use in lieu of defaults for the type

gradient boolean <optional>

Specifies histogram bars are to be drawn with a gradient; set to false to draw with solid colors

colorFunction function <optional>

Override function (or string) used to determine color of bar. May be an actual function or a string name of the registered function (see CIQ.Renderer.registerColorFunction)

Valid parameters for use by attachSeries.:
fill_color_up - Color to use for up histogram bars.
fill_color_down - Color to use for down histogram bars.
fill_color_even - Color to use for even histogram bars.
border_color_up - Color to use for the border of up histogram bars.
border_color_down - Color to use for the order of down histogram bars.
border_color_even - Color to use for the order of even histogram bars.

  • 5.1.1

// SimpleHistogram under the main chart plot
var renderer = stxx.setSeriesRenderer(
	new CIQ.Renderer.SimpleHistogram({ params: { name: "histogram", overChart: false } })