Class: CurveEdit

CIQ.UI. CurveEdit

new CurveEdit( [node], context [, params])

UI Helper to enable term structure curve interaction by means of context menu options.

When set to true, a context menu will appear when right clicking on datapoints:

Launch Time Series

If Launch Time Series is then clicked, a time series chart for that instrument will open on a new tab.

Name Type Argument Default Description
node HTMLElement <optional>

Automatically attaches to the top node of the context. Not currently used.

context CIQ.UI.Context

The context for the chart.

params Object <optional>

Optionally provides the path to a template used by the launchTimeSeries method to load a time series chart.

  • 7.4.0


Example DOM.
If time-series chart is available, set `cq-time-series` to "true" to toggle on time-series related options.

	<cq-curve-context cq-time-series="true">
		<div stxtap="CurveEdit.launchTimeSeries()">Launch Time Series</div>


<static> launchTimeSeries()

Opens a window and loads a time series chart for a selected term structure instrument.

  • 7.4.0