File Caching

To ensure the latest library files are used by your clients you can use:

-Meta Tags:

<meta http-equiv="“Pragma”" content="”no-cache”" />
<meta http-equiv="“Expires”" content="”-1″" />
<meta http-equiv="“CACHE-CONTROL”" content="”NO-CACHE”" />

-Source script tags:

You can add a parameter at the end of your source files as you upgrade to newer versions. For example, the param ?v=1.123 indicates a query string, and the browser will therefore think it is a new path from, say, ?v=1.0. Thus causing it to load from file, not from cache. And, the browser will assume that the source will stay the same next time you call ?v=1.123 and should cache it with that string. So it will remain cached, however your server is set up, until you move to ?v=1.124 or so on.


<script src="plugins/tfc/tfc-loader.js?v6.0.1"></script>
<script src="js/transactQuoteFeed.js?v6.0.1"></script>