Getting the Library

If you'd like to try out the Library, send us an email at We'll start by understanding how we can help with your requirements, and then we'll send you the full library to install and use.

The Library is delivered to you as a zip package. Everything you need is included in the zip file. Evaluation versions can be used anywhere but for a limited time. Once you have licensed the Library, we will provide a package that is locked to the domains where your app will be hosted.

Unzip all the files and copy them into your web server or application directory. We recommend also making a copy of your library for safe-keeping and reference.

With a web browser, load helloworld.html (found at the root of the library package) by navigating to the URL for your web server or using the file system path. A sample chart should immediately appear.

If a chart does not appear, then the library is not properly locked to meet your needs and may need the locking entitlements to be adjusted.

  • If you've received a production license, make sure it is running from either:
    • The domain or file system you provided to your Account Manager
    • localhost
  • Otherwise, open a browser debugger window (F12 on Internet Explorer, Firebug, Chrome or Safari development tools) and check the console for any errors. Email us at for support, including anything that appears on the console.

A word about the license locking mechanism

Production Licenses

  • A production license can be locked by:
    • File systems (examples: file://, c:, d:, e:, etc)
    • IP addresses (example:
    • Domain names (example: *
    • Expiration date
    • A combination of any of the above

This means that the library will only function if hosted by a web server on the registered domains/IPs, or from the registered file systems; and it will stop working once the expiration date is reached.
iframe locking is also an option, and it is enabled by default. So if hosting in an iFrame, you must let us know so we can unlock this entitlement. The iframe domains must also be present in the the domains list.

  • All copies of the library are unlocked for and http://localhost so that you can develop on your personal machine.
  • If you intend to run the library embedded in a native application (iOS, Android, Java JRE, .NET) you will need a file system lock rather than a domain lock. See Integrating with Frameworks.
  • All expiration date locks expire after one year, unless otherwise arranged by your Account Manager.

Trial Licenses

  • A trial license is expiration date locked only. It will run for a short time on any webview or browser. Once expired, you will need to contact your Sales person to request an extension.

Reviewing you License entitlements

  • You can check all license entitlements in your package by opening the js/chartiq.js file and reviewing the first few lines.
    Here is a sample header:
    *	x.x.x
    *	Generation date: yyyy-dd-mmThh:mm:ss.mmmZ
    *	Client name: xxxxxxxxxx
    *	License type: annual
    *	Expiration date: yyy-mm-dd
    *	Domain lock:;localhost;*;*
    *	iFrame lock: true
    *	Full Bundle

Updating License Locking entitlements

To extending the expiration date or update any other locking entitlements on an existing installation, all you have to do is replace the current chartiq.js file with the new one. But you can only only do this so long as you are maintaining the exact same version of the library.

To ensure the versions are the same, open both chartiq.js files and review the first line on the header. You will see the version number there. They must much exactly.

If they do not match, you will need to perform a full upgrade by replacing all core files.

Next Steps: