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ScriptIQ Cookbook

Learn How to Easily Make Your Own Indicators

This is the ScriptIQ Cookbook Home. It is for our clients as well as for our clients' end users. Please feel free to copy this cookbook for your documentation.

Why do we offer ScriptIQ?

To give anyone an easier way to write their very own indicators. Today, financial analysts without a background in software development are being asked to understand software languages in order to write custom indicators. We built ScriptIQ to make creating indicators easy for institutional and retail analysts.

What are indicators?

Simply put, they are lines drawn on a chart to indicate price patterns. More technically, they are lines created from standard algebraic equations based on price data. In the United States, indicators are often called "studies." The term "study" implies one is "studying" data on a chart.

Below, we begin with step-by-step recipes that teach you how to build simple indicators. As we continue to build out this tutorial (because we are not finished), we will show you and you will acquire the ability to build more technical indicators. Recipes will seek to avoid software jargon, or we will translate necessary jargon to normal English. Each recipe will focus on two main questions:

  1. What indicator do we want to see?

  2. How do I use ScriptIQ to create that indicator?

At the end of the cookbook, you will naturally pick up core concepts that allow you to use ScriptIQ to create your own indicators. Should you want to, at the bottom of the page you may proceed to our developer's technical documentation links.

Begin Cooking!

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