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The ChartIQ Library: A Developer Overview


Feel free to skip right to Getting Started; however, we'd like to tell you about some of the benefits of using the ChartIQ Library.

Why Use Our Library

Financial charting for time series data is difficult and time consuming. It isn't practical for most development teams to build charting from the ground up. Furthermore, a "standards based" solution that runs across multiple platforms, browsers, and devices adds additional layers of complexity. Our charting library provides this level of sophistication. Develop with confidence, knowing that as your application grows, our charts and our company will be there to support you.

What Makes Our Library Distinct

The Library provides developers and web designers with a complete HTML5 stock-charting solution. This means it is now easier than ever to develop charts for a web site or web application that can be deployed on both desktop and mobile devices. The library is touch aware, allowing mobile users on tablets and smart phones to access all of the charting features. Built-in features include: interactive chart navigation, drawing tools, and a full suite of technical indicators.

No external libraries are required to utilize ChartIQ, although you may of course use any third party library to build your own code (jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular, etc).

The library is a professional grade Library that can be used to build both basic financial charts as well as advanced financial charts such as those found in professional workstations. The Library is extensive and provides both high level convenience functions as well as low level access to core functionality.

Finally, we are here to help. Really! Consider our support desk to be your resource. We will provide sample code to solve your problem. If you are stuck, send us a link and we'll debug it for you. Need advice or industry insight? Just ask! Any and all help is available at

We're Our Own Customer

While we aim to place our customers' needs first, it's helpful to have a common perspective and goal. At ChartIQ, our own teams depend on our library for building web-based financial applications. For example, our Finsemble Ecosystem is already using our own charting library.

Why Not Freeware or Mid-Range Charting Solutions

When it comes to basic or general charting, an open-source or "lite" charting solution can be adequate. However, freeware won't come close to providing a professional-grade solution for financial charting. Even in the domain of commercial charting packages, no other solution truly competes with the ChartIQ library for time series data. The visualization of time series data is our forte.

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